A: A family-owned stretch studio that focuses on pinpointed areas of your body that feel sore or tight and work through them to help you have a better quality of life, whether it be doing household chores or preparing for a golf season.

A: Our Gurus have trained specifically for stretching on top of previously backgrounds they have, such as nursing and personal training, to tend to the needs your body is looking for.

A: Physical therapy’s focus is of a specific area with limited stretch work. Our stretch work varies from 30 to 60 Minutes where we can hit target and surround areas of discomfort to get you better mobile range. Compared to massage, we take a more in-depth in our approach and explain why we’re stretching a certain area.

A: Our staff is fully vaccinated and follow all current CDC guidelines. We also have single rooms upon request if you prefer to be in a space by yourself and your designated Guru.

A: Nope! You can come in once in awhile or sign-up for a package. It is easier to book in advance with the time and Guru you’d like to stretch with if you purchase a package, however.

A: The two types of packages we have are for 30 Minute Sessions or 60 Minute Sessions ranging from once a week to twice a week (Four to Eight Sessions Total). Billing is once a month for these sessions however your sessions will never expire. You may stop the package ahead of time, but you must notify us 30 days before your next charge.

A: Obviously, 30 Minutes! Jokes aside, 30 Minute Session primarily focuses on all the major muscle groups. It can be revolved around an area of the body that you’d like to primarily focus on. A 60 Minute Session is a full body stretch that targets the major and minor muscle groups.

A: 18 and up is our recommendation those looking for a stretch. For 17 and younger, we request that a parent or a guardian be in attendance for the stretch and for them only do 30 minutes of stretching.

A: We have a fitness area in our studio with fitness equipment such as light weights, heavy bag, boxing pads and a floor matting. Here we’ll be able to show correct form in any activity that you do on a regular basis and how to correctly manage the designated area.